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Roswell, GA – Before Justin Thomas won the 99th PGA Championship Aug. 13, 2017 in Charlotte, NC, the course took on a huge renovation that was in the works for the past year. To prepare for the 2017 Championship, new grass, new holes, and thousands of trees were taken out to allow more sunlight.

To prepare for the nightly media coverage, the front of the clubhouse needed more light to accommodate a backdrop for the broadcast booth. Pinnacle Lighting Group designed and installed lighting for the clubhouse and the surrounding landscapes. “This project was quite a challenge because we knew how important it was to make sure the lighting was just right on a stage that millions of television viewers watching all over the world,” explains Jim Burks President of Pinnacle Lighting Group. “The clubhouse was used as the backdrop with two different facades of brick and a wood portico. We had to use two different manufactures lighting to create consistency in color temperatures. We had LED MR 16 up lights on the brick and LED strip lighting on the portico. Even though both companies label the LEDs as 4000 kelvin, we found them to be different. It is hard for the naked eye to tell the difference, but the highly sensitive televisions cameras will pick it up. We utilized a company to test and match the color temperatures and found a 400 kelvin difference. We had them make a gel film to go over the strip lights to alter the kelvin to match the MR 16 lamps. This technology is used in theatrical lighting that we brought into the landscape lighting world, distinguishing us as the true outdoor lighting experts.” Burks adds, “We really wanted to enhance upon the beautiful southern architecture and the beautiful grounds it sits on, not only for the tournament, but for years to come.”

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