Press Release | Pinnacle Lighting Group Illuminates Luxury Student Housing: Capstone Cottages of Lubbock

Capstone Cottages of Lubbock is an all-new complex with luxury cottages, duplexes, triplexes & quadplexes apartments in Lubbock, TX offering resort-style amenities for student of Texas
Tech University and are located near the TTU campus. Capstone opens in Fall of 2017 with three, four, and five bedrooms apartments. 24-hour clubhouse with fully equipped indoor and outdoor gyms, resort-style pool with Vegas-style cabanas, grill stations, and firepits are just a few of the amenities.

In April of 2017, Pinnacle Lighting Group was awarded the honor of illuminating the clubhouse and pool area of this unique property. Since the clubhouse was now open 24-hours, the first challenge was to design a plan for lighting the outside of the structure which was cloaked with Core-Ten steel which offers a weathered and rustic look. The increased use of this type of
weathered steel (Core-Ten) by architects, has become more common place. As an added challenge, the Core-Ten steel was perforated creating a “must see” feature of the steel building as designed by the developer, Capstone Properties, Inc.

In order to create such a beautiful nighttime environment, while enhancing the stylish features of the building, Pinnacle Lighting team was put to the test. As explained by the President and Founder of Pinnacle Lighting Group, James Burks replied, “this is our first architectural lighting project where 98% of our lighting is done from the inside out on this metal building. The club- house was beautifully designed, but to highlight its features at night, it required thinking outside or actually inside the box, to create enough light for enhancement of the architectural features, while providing safety in a well-lit area.”

As a result of this open-minded thinking, Pinnacle Lighting Group was not only able to meet its challenges, but exceed expectations with its client. With the use of its state-of-the art LED fixtures, Pinnacle Lighting Group was able to capture the architectural features while illuminating the façade and surrounding landscaping, lending elegance and charm to The Capstone brand. Color-changing LED lighting was incorporated in the design to illuminate each tree form within the close proximity of the swimming pool. This design element sets the tone for all activities surrounding the important aquatic feature. Using the correct Kelvin temperature, Pinnacle Lighting Group was able to enhance important lettering and signage for viewing by the general public and residents.

As fall and day light saving time approach, now is best the time to consider lighting solutions for your residential or commercial needs. To find out more, visit us at or give us a call at 888-338-0186.

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