Press Release | Pinnacle Lighting Group and Wofford College Campus’ Landscape and Architectural Lighting Reveal Celebration

Spartanburg, SC

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, at 7:30 pm, Wofford College revealed and celebrated their  new landscape and architectural outdoor lighting, designed and installed by Pinnacle Lighting Group.  Pinnacle Lighting Group was there to help celebrate with them and to choreograph the illumination of specific buildings and vistas as the sun set, revealing the overall improvements in beautification, campus safety, and pedestrian experience.

This project was made possible by a gift from alum Jerry Richardson.  Mr. Richardson, former American businessman, NFL player and former owner of the Carolina Panther’s and long time contributor to Wofford College, has gifted this project in memory of Richardson’s friend and mentor Roger Milliken. Milliken, was an American textile heir, industrialist, businessman, and political activist. Mr. Milliken also has the honor of serving as the longest Wofford Board of Trustees and was a  leader in the development of the Wofford’s facilities.

The event opened up with Wofford’s President, Nayef Samhat, announcing, “Thank you for joining us this evening as we celebrate light and legacy. I can think of no better place to do so than right here in front of Wofford’s original Main Building, a place of education, transformation and illumination for 164 years.” Samhat goes on to say, “Over the past summer, Pinnacle Lighting Group has lit campus trees from below with spotlights and above with special moonlighting effects. They have accented major building. By replacing old lighting with new LED bulbs, the college has boosted campus-wide sustainability efforts and will save close to 46,000 watts of electricity per year.”  Essentially, Pinnacle has uncovered huge utility cost savings and another way for Wofford to reduce light pollution and become even more “green” campus.

Wofford is known for their beautiful campus,  that includes all kinds of trees creating canopies that provide much needed shade for the students in summer month’s.  However, at night, the canopies block any light to come through darkening the campus.  Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Roberta Bigger explains, “Student security is a priority at Wofford College. It always has been, and always will be. This gift, which provides new continuous evening lighting, helps security cameras stay in daylight mode.  It enhances lighting in areas that were previously dimly lit and improves additional visibility. On behalf of our students, faculty and staff, I extend a sincere thanks for this gift of light and beauty and most of all heightened safety and security.”

Colleges and Universities are always looking for ways to improve their students and potential students experiences on campus to improve enrollment.  Whether it being educationally, traditionally, culturally, financially, employment rankings or aesthetically, these  factors are why a student might choose to attend or apply to that institution. However, aesthetically, plays a tremendous role. Campus tours are frequently cited as the most important aspect of the college recruitment process and attracting higher education administrators and professors.

Wofford president emeritus Joe Lesesne, praised Jerry Richardson’s gift to his mentor, Roger Milliken, “These are vistas generations can enjoy day and night, 24/7. What an appropriate extension to a space that Mr. Milliken loved. Thank you, Jerry, for all you are doing to complement Mr. Milliken’s legacy in developing Wofford, an iconic campus.”

In closing, President Nayef Samhat said, “Now, our friends with Pinnacle Lighting will brighten the campus buildings and trees-shining a light on a legacy.” Then as the crowd counted down to ten, Pinnacle Lighting lit up the campus sweeping from the Daniel Building to the Roger Milliken Science Center and back to the Main Building and finally illuminating the trees with Moonlighting along Campus Drive.

Jim Burks, owner of Pinnacle Lighting Group, immediately responding to the reveal, “This reveal could not of worked out better. All the way around.  I probably won’t be able to fall asleep until 3am tonight.”


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