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AJC shared a gallery of our work. See below:

A balance of uplighting and downlighting makes you notice the house and not the lighting, according to outdoor lighting expert James Burks.


A home can become more inviting with the addition of shielded uplighting and downlighting to illuminate the entrance, surrounding foliage.


Moonlighting in trees and strategic lighting placed in the pool and on architectural details like a pergola work together to create a feeling of cohesion in this home.


Moonlighting combined with path lighting lead visitors toward a home’s entrance and create a feeling of welcome.


When the borders of a home’s spaces are well-lit, it creates a feeling of coziness, enclosure and security as in this home’s gracious courtyard.


The proper lighting to illuminate walkways, landscaping and the home itself transforms this home into a welcoming, warm, secure beacon.


Water elements, like this fountain, are just one place where spotlighting can play to a home’s unique architecture.


A Douglasville home takes on a regal quality when the right lighting accentuates architectural lines.


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