News | AJC: Spotlight on the outdoors

AJC shared a gallery of our work. See below: A balance of uplighting and downlighting makes you notice the house and not the lighting, according to outdoor lighting expert James Burks.   A home can become more inviting with the addition of shielded uplighting and downlighting to illuminate the entrance, surrounding foliage.   Moonlighting in trees and strategic lighting placed…

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News | myAJC: Jazzing up your yard with lights

Outdoor lighting can allow playing and partying to continue in your yard when darkness sets in. Lighting also can create different “rooms” in your backyard, without shining spotlights all over your property — and potentially annoying neighbors. You can select simple fixtures or work with professionals to create elaborate lighting plans for your yard. Beyond placing mounted lights, pendants and…

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News | AJC: Effective outdoor lighting for your home

A great lighting scheme not only protects your home by keeping shadowy nooks and crannies illuminated, which renders your home unappealing for intruders. Effective outdoor lighting is also like cinematography for your yard, showing off your beautiful flower garden, shrubbery or dramatic oak trees to their best advantage. And just like a great cinematographer, an outdoor lighting expert can sculpt…

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News | myAJC: Specialty outdoor lighting firm grows with expertise

To Jim Burks, moonlighting means something other than having a second job. Burks, president of Pinnacle Lighting Group in Cumming, provides moonlight effects for homeowners who want their houses illuminated without garish spotlights. Pinnacle is a family-owned and operated lighting firm that specializes in architectural, landscape and specialty lighting, working in Georgia and 11 other states. The firm has five…

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News | Today’s Homeowner: Light Up the Landscape

I was never happy with the landscape lighting that was installed when I built my house 23 years ago. The runway lights on the front walk and steps were too dim, and the soffit lighting blinded those who walked up. So, with the help of Jim and Nick Burks of Pinnacle Lighting Group, my wife Sharon and I decided that it…

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News | HGTV: Outdoor Lighting Tips for Beginners

Creating an outdoor lighting design for your house and yard might not be at the top of your home improvement “to do” list but there are practical and aesthetic reasons for doing it, from increasing the security and safety of your property to providing additional curb appeal at night.James Burks of Pinnacle Lighting Group has some helpful tips on how you can…

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It’s Time To Light It Up

With summer just around the corner everyone is getting their yards ready and making them stand out with beautiful flowers and shrubbery, what’s going to make your landscaping stand out amongst all of the rest? It’s time to take it to the next level and have us install lighting that will not only accent your beautiful home and landscaping, but…

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Did You Know That Outdoor Lighting Is More Than Just Ambiance?

Lighting For Outdoor Safety One of the first things we look at when designing landscape lighting is safety. It’s important to look at lighting the steps and paths and to pay special attention to where the shadows will fall. Lighting from the side or from below will help to ensure shadows won’t obscure vision. Lighting For Outdoor Security Just as…

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