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Concerns for Dark Sky

Pinnacle Lighting Group is in the business of creating beautiful night time spaces for all to enjoy. From illuminating dramatic water fountains, grandiose building facades to serene backyard views highlighting water scapes such as lake and oceanside shorelines.

But what about light pollution? The Dark Sky effects? What about the environment? The nocturnal animals and how it effects them? The fireflies?

We hear a lot about these issues especially from potential clients. And we respond with the assurance that PLG is aware of the effect of the lighting on the environment as well as the customers that inhibit these properties. Our designs delicately balance environmental factors and create the “Wow Factor” that we trying to achieve for our customers.

First, PLG considers the customers interaction with the night. The design should be safe, sustainable and aesthetically beautiful. That includes no glaring lights in ones eyes or windows, LED lights that have a spectrum of whites and yellows colors to artistically create any mood you are looking for, and that uses at least 75% less energy.

Second, to reduce the impact on the environment, which goes hand in hand with the first consideration, we ensure that we reduce the impact on the night sky by carefully angling fixtures avoiding glare upward into the sky and let’s face it, using 75% less energy is good for all life on this planet.

We will say there is more to our environmentally sensitive approach than angling lights on facades, pathways and landscape and utilizing LED bulbs to create your individualized outdoor architectural and landscape lighting plan. PLG creates dramatic lighting by playing with light and shade, aka, Moonlighting. By creating drama with filtered light placed on the trees tops above then pointed down the to the earth is a way to imitate natural moonlight.

We love the night sky just as much as everyone else. We play it’s natural beauty by extending it’s hours into the evening for our enjoyment…. but, not at the cost of our furry friends…or our bioluminescent friend the firefly.

If you would like to learn more, give us a call at 888-338-0186.

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