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Safety is Top Goal for College Campuses

Pinnacle Lighting Group has had the honor of working with several college campuses around the country designing, installing and maintaining their individual plans to satisfy their outdoor lighting goals. Without any question, the top priority for every institutions is to improve the safety and security for all their students and faculty.

We all know how important college night life is very important to students. We know how College Presidents take the safety of their students and faculty very seriously. We know how each and every parent sending their kids off to college worry about their child’s safety.

On average, sexual assaults and other crimes are more likely to occur at night. Statistics show that an assault type crime is more likely to happen in areas without adequate lighting. Going into the night for late night snacks, meeting friends, late night movies, school events, and of course night classes awaits each student. Yes, lighting pathways, streets, or buildings offers a greater sense of security.

But what about taking away the offenders “sense of security” to partake in criminal behavior?
According to the National Institute of Justice, improving lighting designs of parking lots, community streets, college campuses and other exterior areas can reduce crime and property offenses by 20 percent. This reduction is due to the offender perceiving a greater risk for apprehension as brighter lights make them more visible. Potential criminals also assume that enhanced lighting equates to the organization or residents investing more in their properties and thus investing more to prevent crime.

Providing students with a greater sense of security and eliminating criminals, is all part of PLG’s strategic lighting plan. From making sure high risk areas are lit up correctly to utilizing state of the art lighting equipment and techniques, college campuses are able to assure everyone concerned their campus is safe at night.

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